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Veld Service & Recruiting.

We are Martijn and Barbara Veld. Together we own Veld Service and Recruiting.
Working in the agricultural sector for most his live Martijn Decided in 2016 to start his own company.
Starting as a contractor Martijn started working for (mainly) flower bulb companies.

Driving tractors and forklifts and as an operator hired to manage the bulb washing plant for a company in New Zealand.

Later more vacancies where opened for skilled operators for heavy machinery.


These days Martijn spends most his time driving and operating wheel loaders, excavators and bulldozers for a steel producing company in The Netherlands.
Having a wife from Poland Martijn occasionally was asked if he couldn’t arrange an employer from Poland as we had some good contacts in Poland. And so, we’ve started to recruit people from Poland to Dutch companies.
With Martijns acquaintances in a wide range of different fields and Barbara’s contacts and knowhow in Poland, we decided to start doing more recruiting. With Martijns language skills there is very good contact with all our recruited staff and our customers around Europe.
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